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    EdwinCS offers a comprehensive and highly flexible services package that can be tailored precisely to your needs.

    Portal solutions

    Portal solutions help to deliver high performance through reduced operational expenses, simplified application maintenance, improved CRM and customer satisfaction, increased revenue streams, and improved knowledge management and collaboration. The dynamic reach of portals can impact the different components of clients' businesses, across organizations and business units for generating revenues and improving positioning and overall internal business processes. Our commit strategy on portal solutions are consulting business intelligence of customers, tailoring the solution design and developing with quality approached. A successful portal strategy secures an immediate return on investment by dynamically aggregating content, functions and features into a high-performance workspace relevant to the user's specific role and responsibilities.

    ERP solutions

    ERP can greatly improve the quality and efficiency of a business. By keeping a company's internal business process running smoothly, ERP can lead to better outputs that will benefit the company such as customer service, and manufacturing. The fundamental advantage of ERP is that integrating the myriad processes by which businesses operate saves time and expense. Decisions can be made more quickly and with fewer errors. Data becomes visible across the organization. ERP provides support to upper level management to provide them with critical decision making information. ERP also creates a more agile company that can better adapt to situations and changes. ERP makes the company more flexible and less rigidly structured in an effort to allow the different parts of an organization to become more cohesive, in turn, enhancing the business both internally and externally.

    Mobile Web solutions

    EdwinCS is the leading mobile customized web provider, delivering a holistic solution to help companies attract and engage new customers through an innovative and invention revenue stream from mobile web. The explosion in user adoption of mobile devices has revolutionized the web. We can provide this solutions and technology with tailored made purpose in line with customer’s requirement.

    Retail solutions

    Gross Synergy’s product which is web based retail inventory management solution can be provided the characteristics such as centralization and integration POS system, stock inventory control and retail management solution. It can be able to support online, real-time stock management, stock monitoring, pre-alert customer for corrective actions, and business intelligent statistics from every outlet and performance forecast reports. There are other commitments of this solution is platform independence, control security environment and data integration.

    DRAMS solutions

    DRAMS is web based e-portal solutions for digitalization of record and informative with interactive services with the purpose for supporting in service industry and research and development. With the rapid development of DRAMS in Internet and R&D technologies, we make high quality and enriched digital media formats services available to both the organization users and their customers. Physical media is no longer kept forever. Information lifecycle resulting in dissemination, archival and retrieval of timely data will be crucial in today’s competitive landscape across all industry boundaries.