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  • Edwin Consultancy Services offers a full range of consulting services coming across from our own expertise and resources. In this scenario, every business tries to speed up their competition with the best possible strategies and tactics to achieve the business goal in the shortest time span.

    So, Edwin Consultancy Services loves to offer the following services for you.

    Consultancy Services

    We deliver the best solutions, innovate and set up business models for your needs. We believe our strategic solutions suit your business goal as a tailor-made. Creativity is one of our gifted skills and we are using out of the box thinking styles. We proudly provide following consulting services for you.

    • Sales & Marketing Management
    • Project Management
    • Process Management
    • Staff Augmentation
    • Training
    • Event Management
    • Branding
    • Business Intelligence
    • IT Consulting
    • Brand–Product Interactive Management

    Outsourcing Services

    The first and foremost reason why companies outsource their processes is the significant and even massive cost reduction that results from outsourcing jobs, processes, businesses etc. Outsourcing lets a company to focus on their core expertise like IT, Hotels, Health etc while letting people manage other peripheral (not necessary services nonetheless) services like data entry, employee database, housekeeping, customer support and so on.

    Such off sourcing allows the company to turn fixed costs into variable ones, reduces the burden of managing a large workforce and extending them the various company benefits. EdwinCS can offer outsourcing services with low-cost destinations, high productivity and high quality.

    IT Services

    We use powerful techniques and advanced technologies in IT services. We create rich and user-friendly applications. Designing software for your business requirements and developing with the existing technologies is one of our special skills. Independent of technical platforms and all kind of systems are welcome from our core team. We would like to provide the following IT services for you.

    • Custom Application Development
    • Custom Portal Development
    • Web Design And Development
    • Logo Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Content Management System
    • Database Management
    • Application Management
    • Software Development
    • Enterprise Resource Planning
    • Customer Relationship Management